Voluntary Payment Lite - Variable
  • OneFamily Lifetime Mortgages
  • : 4.00%
    : 4.20%
    : FREE Valuation Offer* | 10 Year Fixed Early Repayment Charges | Choice of Fixed/Variable Rates | Downsizing Protection Option | Interest Rates Capped & Collared


  • Homeowner(s) with a minimum property valuation of £70,000
  • Maximum acceptable property valuation is £1.75m
  • Property located in England, Wales and Scotland
  • Minimum age of youngest homeowner is 55, maximum age 100
  • Minimum loan of £10,000, maximum £500,000
  • No CCJ’s permitted


  • Variable interest rate linked to CPI and reviewed annually
  • Capped and Collared Interest Rates
  • Voluntary Payments of upto 10% per annum permitted with NO penalty
  • Payments can start day 1 & made by cheque, debit card, standing order or bank transfer
  • Flexible payments starting from £25 creates control over future balance
  • Designed to provide a single lump sum with a lower interest rate
  • No negative equity guarantee – can never leave a debt for your beneficiaries
  • Downsizing Protection – downsize after 5 years & repay with NO penalty
  • Fixed early repayment charges over 10 years – 6% for 5 yrs, 3% for 5yrs, then none after 10 years


  • Choice of ‘Lite’ or ‘Standard’ plans
  • Lite option has lower interest rate & lower LTV
  • Standard option has higher interest rate & higher max LTV’s
  • Additional borrowing after 6 months – minimum £4,000

Target Market

    Clients who:

  • Wish for a single lump sum amount
  • Are concerned about the future balance & how much it can erode their inheritance
  • Feel repaying some, all of the interest being repaid is their best option
  • Looking to clear debts or mortgages, before or into retirement
  • Want to manage payments like a mortgage, but cannot prove their income
  • Have a lower attitude to risk, but want security of future balance
  • Have experience of tracker, discounted or variable rates
*Free valuation offer on property valuations upto £1m (pro-rata thereafter) & for limited time only