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  • Homeowner(s) with an additional 2nd property which must be available for the sole occupancy of the owner
  • If the second home is let-out, this can only be for a maximum period of 4 weeks at a time
  • The property must be lived in for at least 4 weeks of the year by the homeowner themselves
  • No formal Shorthold Tenancy Agreements should be in place
  • The house cannot be advertised to let via online or estate agency
  • Minimum property valuation of £70,000
  • Maximum property valuation acceptable is £6 million
  • Property must be located in England, Wales or Scotland
  • Minimum age of youngest homeowner is 55, maximum age of 90
  • Minimum loan of £10,000, maximum £750,000 nationwide (ask for details if higher)


  • Second home equity release mortgages providing a lump sum on completion
  • Voluntary repayments are available to help control the future balance using ad-hoc payments
  • No repayments are necessary, although voluntary payments are allowed
  • Ability to make voluntary partial repayments of upto 10%pa with NO penalty
  • No Negative Equity Guarantee – can never leave a debt for your beneficiaries
  • Unregulated product & not covered by the Equity Release Council standards
  • Fixed early repayment charges over 8 years; Years 1-5: 5%, Years 6-8: 3%, No penalty thereafter
  • Loan-to-values start at 19% at age 55, rising by 1%pa to age 80+ where the maximum LTV is 44%


  • Free unlimited valuation option
  • This product can be ported to a new property
  • Additional borrowing available subject to a minimum loan of £4,000